Thursday, July 5, 2012

True Talk - True Blood Season 5, Episode 4

Cat: My favorite "oh shit!" moment happened when little vamp was staked! How awesome was that?!? I thought it would be the Sharon Osbourne vamp. Who did you suspect was the traitor?

Miss Vain: You know oddly enough I thought it was going to be the baby vamp actually. Not sure why except he just looked out of place, lol like he needed to go!! LOL. It was funny when he was caught though, red handed and still tried to convince them that there was a logical reason behind breaking the rules. He's not a quitter lol. Sharon Osborne vamp! LMAO!! Hilarious Cat, I hadn't even thought of that until you mentioned it. She totally looks like Sharon Osbourne. Lol.

Miss Vain: What did you think about Eric releasing Pam? Had I been as invested in this season as usual I might would have cried. I found that moment to be so sad and depressing, I knew he did it for her own good but I really wished he had chickened out.
Cat: That sucked! I felt so bad for her. Why do they keep picking on Pam? She has had it so rough lately. She had her face rot off last season and now she makes a vampire that she doesn't want, constantly worries about Eric, finally gets him back only to have him choke her and accuse her of betrayal, and then he releases her! Pam is in serious need of a vacation. 

Cat: A lot of people were anti-Sookie this episode. Lafayette and Tara both pointed out that she'll always have someone there to save her and she'll always come out on top. That being said, why do you think Alcide was so quick to cover for her and tell that HUGE lie to Debbie's parents?

Miss Vain: I think he did it because he knew nothing could be fixed to bring Debbie back, and he loves Sookie at least as a friend and he knew that had Sookie been capable of preventing her death she would have. Besides, Debbie showed up at Sookie's house, those were the consequences of her actions!
Miss Vain: Jessica has come a long way from her crazy baby vampire ways, and when she lied for Sookie to Andy about Debbie Pelt that just reaffirmed my thoughts that she's finally grown into a BadAss vampire with some loyalties to her friends. Did you feel the same way??

Cat: She's definitely come a long way from when we were first introduced to her and I was proud of her for helping out Jason and Sookie (even though we shouldn't encourage lying & brainwashing). But I also think with the partying and the "my dad is the king" comments that it shows she still has some growing up to do. 

Cat: From this point on, Terry Bellefleur's scenes have become my designated bathroom break or my opportunity to grab a bowl of Golden Grahams so I don't miss anything important. I just don't care what happens to him. And yes, I realize this isn't a question. Just wanted to share ;-)

Miss Vain: Terry Bellefleur's plotline this season matters nothing to me. He could probably get killed next episode and unless it's a brutal death involving a vamp sucking him dry, I probably wouldn't even mention it the next day. Bored!! Ooooh good idea, Pass the Golden Grahams Cat! :)

Miss Vain: Can we be lucky enough to get a Sookie & Alcide LOVE SCENE this season!???? Looks like maybe to me...Please *fingers crossed* that Alan Ball is not teasing us. Right Cat?? I know you LOVE your were-men! ;)

Cat: Yes!! It better happen, damn it! I couldn't help but to giggle when they showed Bill playing peeping tom outside Sookie's window. It was completely predictable. We all knew he would be standing there! And then Eric watches too! Priceless.

Miss Vain: Can Tara die already?? Why did Pam save her?? BURN TARA BURN!!!

Cat: LOL! Her momma was crazy too. Maybe that's where she gets it from? ;-) I guess since she's Pam's "kid" now, she couldn't just sit by and do nothing while Tara cooked herself. They should really look into vampire psychiatrist for the newly made. 

Thanks again for taking the time out to discuss hot werewolves and sexy vampires with me, Miss Vain! We were late this week, skipped last week all together, but we get a pass since this is our first time doing this, right? ;-) Hopefully we'll be back on schedule next week. 

Thanks again Cat!! As always its a pleasure chatting with you about True Blood and getting a different perspective as well from our readers. Yes, and please do forgive us for missing our chat last week!! ;) Can't wait for the next episode!!! ;)

"Congratulations! You're a grandfather."

"You know what? You the fucking angel of death."


Braine Talk Supe said...

Love your new header Cat!

He kid staking had me blurt FUCK in front of my 2yo nephew which ticked his dad hehe. Sad about Pam and Eric but that was a noble thing for him to do.

Overall i am not liking the direction of the story, I love CMeloni but it's missing a lot of fun parts for me. This whole Authority business is so dry and clinical like a deodorant.

Wendy Lohr said...

loool...Awesome recap, ladies! I loved it when Pam informed Eric he was a grandfather...hehe. She was so deadpan, it was great and the look on his face when he heard the news! I look forward to hearing your thoughts after the next episode! :)

Underworld Love Addiction said...

Loved your TB Q&A as usual :)

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