Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Graphic Novel Review: Witchblade Volume 1 (Witch Hunt) - Ron Marz & Mike Choi

Top Cow Productions/Image Comics
February 26, 2008
Issues #80-85 | 160 pgs

Witchblade bearer and New York City Police Detective Sara Pezzini is found unconscious, having been beaten by an unknown attacker. The only clues as to what happened are the cryptic offerings of an antique shop owner who has a surprising knowledge of the Witchblade. Now Sara must uncover the mystery in order to defend the city, and the world, she was chosen to protect.
Superstar writer Ron Marz (Ion, The Darkness) begins his ground-breaking run on Witchblade and, along with artist Mike Choi, gives new readers a perfect jumping-on point Sara Pezzini awakens from a coma and begins anew with a new partner, new precinct, and a new understanding of the Witchblade. Collecting Witchblade issues #80-85.

A great graphic novel in a series that I should have started a long time ago.

This is not my first time reading a story by Top Cow Productions, but this is my first introduction to Witchblade.

The story begins with a hospitalized Sara Pezzini and the mystery surrounding the circumstances that brought her there.

We are quickly introduced to two men who play significant roles throughout the story. 

Patrick Gleason is the detective tasked with uncovering the events that brought Pezzini to her comatose state in the hospital. Jake McCarthy is Sara's currently suspended partner who waits by her bedside. 

Upon Gleason's arrival, Jake becomes hostile and defensive, especially when he begins asking questions, going so far as to imply that they are more than just friends.

Gleason later receives some insight into Sara's condition from a mysterious man known only as the curator. He explains that Sara possesses the Witchblade, an ancient and terrible power that is passed down through generations. Sara must learn to use and harness the power of the Witchblade or the world could be destroyed.

Gleason's reply: "Seems like you've been firing up something a little stronger than incense, old man."

It isn't until an encounter in a dark alley that Gleason sees the Witchblade for himself, witnessing Sara wield its power to defeat two otherworldly creatures who attack her. 

After gathering additional information from the curator, they team up to try and stop a group of misguided priests who are determined to bring forth a "new god". 

Overall, I thought the story and artwork for Witchblade: Witch Hunt was fantastic! There's action, conspiracy, a bit of romance, and a bad ass heroine that I'm excited to read more about. I immediately ordered Witchblade Volume 2 and I'm impatiently awaiting its arrival.


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