Monday, June 18, 2012

True Talk - True Blood Season 5, Episode 2

"Authority Always Wins"

Cat: Is it just me or did this episode seem...less eventful than the first? Just seemed to be setting up for more excitement next time..or something..I don't know. 

Miss Vain: It feels like the next episode will be much more exciting after watching the clip for next week.

Cat: Do you rewind the clips and then slow them down so you can catch all of the details, or is that just me?  

Miss Vain: Well.....Ummmmm....NO but I do rewind the scenes when Eric decides to wear little clothing, Jason is shirtless, or Alcide just happens to transition out of his shifter form to his natural human form wearing only his birthday suit....but that's for educational purposes of course.....;) 

Miss Vain: Okay Tara is Batshit crazy. Do you predict she will live the entire season or meet the True Death?

Cat: I'm guessing that she's going to stick around. I think too much time will be invested in repairing her and cleaning up after her messes to just kill her off in the end. I like that she finally said something coherent to Lafayette and Sookie. Maybe her story line will get more interesting...or maybe not. I don't know.

Miss Vain: Finally she spoke. I was under the impression Tara was going to be wailing at the top of her lungs like an injured kitten the entire season. I hope her story does truly have some redeeming qualities to it this season.

Miss Vain: Am I the only one or did you also find that incredibly sexy when Alcide said "I disagree" and stood up to the pack? I can't believe they're eating the body including his own mother. Ughhhh. 

Cat: Yea, Alcide's lone wolf routine was hot. But really, we think that about everything he does ;-) I'm actually not THAT surprised or grossed out by the pack eating their alpha. But that's only because there is a similar concept in the Anita Blake series with Richard's pack. Granted, I didn't get all of the visual effects when I read AB's story, but it was still very gory and graphic and disgusting.

Cat: Mama Wolf seems a little crazy and like she's not someone who takes "no" for an answer. What do you think the pack might do now that Alcide has given their laws the middle finger? 

Miss Vain: I think the pack is going to get angrier as the days go by. I figure they are going to expect retribution from Alcide for killing their pack master. I suspect Mama Wolf will be fully in support of that retribution even if it's done by a vigilante. I expect Alcide to kill in order to preserve his life, ultimately becoming the pack master by choice or moral obligation to the remaining pack members upon gaining their respect.

Miss Vain: Are you even interested in the Terry Bellefleur PTSD plot? 

Cat: Not really. But I wasn't crazy about his and Arlene's story last year either. Her hair is the most interesting thing they have going for them. But I will say that Patrick is easy on the eyes, so at least we have that. ;-)

Miss Vain: I also found the plot last season to be a bore, and it felt like Alan Ball was really reaching to keep both Arlene & Terry's characters employed. This season Ball is putting his heart and world into keep them away from the unemployment line. Arlene's hair gets more fiery colored every season doesn't it? I wish she had some of her old spit fire personality to go along with it. 

Oh boy, I forgot about Patrick, glad you reminded me because he definitely is a lovely addition to the array of eye candy on True Blood. What can I say, I'm single and I can never get enough of good looking men to swoon over. ;)

Miss Vain: Do you think Eric loves Nora?

Cat: Yea, definitely. I loved seeing the relief on his face when he realized she was still alive. But I'm wondering why the Authority didn't go ahead and give her the true death? I would think they would want to stake the traitor before they would Bill and Eric. And what's up with the kid?!

Miss Vain: I also saw that relief which is why I wanted to know if I was only imagining it. There's going to be much more to Eric and Nora's story this season and I gladly welcome it. Sookie will be much too busy for Eric this season with Tara, and Eric is much too arrogant to bend to her will at this point. Weren't they not allowed to make children into vampires? That was so strange to watch. He probably isn't even allowed to watch the show on Sunday nights. LOL.

Miss Vain: I'm really enjoying these flashbacks into Eric & Pam's earlier life when they first met. Your thoughts?

Cat: Meh. I don't have much of an opinion on it just yet. I'm waiting to see where it goes. But that does bring a question to mind.

Cat: Eric in a tux and top hat or Eric in dirty jeans and a muscle tee? 

Miss Vain: I'll take him anyway he comes. However, if I must choose, then I choose Eric in dirty jeans and a muscle tee any day. But remember when it comes to Eric, clothing is always optional...;) What about you Cat? Do you prefer Eric in a tux and top hat or Eric in dirty jeans and a muscle tee? 

Cat: Dirty jeans and tee during the day, naked at night, and the tux/top hat for my birthday and our anniversaries. He looked so naughty and villainous in it. I loved it. 

Miss Vain: When Steve Newlin walked in with his ridiculously inept dance moves at Jessica's house party, all I could think was he's just as awkward as a vampire as he was a human. I was LMAO! And his fang boner LOL. 

Cat: That was hilarious!! And that too big, cheesy smile he plasters on just adds to his dorkiness (is that a word?). And seriously, who uses the term "chin wag"? 

But what's up with him obsessing over Jason to the point that he would want to buy him? Is anyone going to be sane this season?  

Miss Vain: I'm with you. Sanity is few and far between this season! Also what was he planning to do with Jason after he purchased him? Tie him up? Was he going to compel him to Love him? Sleep with him? Become his BF? Announce their "relationship" publicly? He's insane! Usually on True Blood the women become obsessed with Jason after one night of cheap, heated drunken passion, not before? 

Miss Vain: Omg!! The interrogators were lying to prisoners Bill & Eric. I was on pins and needles in fear one of them would sell the other out, which would be more accurate to their characters.  I'm not a Bill Compton fan, however, he has earned my respect for not selling out his companions Eric & Nora.

This leads to my next speculation. What's up with the bromance between Bill & Eric? Is this building for an Eric/Bill/Nora threesome?

Eric and Bill looked incredibly sexy and manly while being tortured. 

Cat: Long live the king!! I thought that whole thing was great. And I agree, Bill gets major points for staying strong despite being tortured and manipulated. And for saving their asses! Those silver injections were hardcore. Now we know why you shouldn't fuck with the Authority! 

I don't know about the bromance, but I do know that I'm not particularly fond of the idea of seeing them in a threesome together. They can wear bestie tees with their names on them though. I would be cool with that. 

Miss Vain: "Long Live the King" was my favorite quote of the night! I'm definitely for a Bill & Eric bromance as long as it stays exactly that! Respectable allies and nothing more. 

But I will say this, that every season I find Alan Ball to take his love for Vampire Bill Compton to a whole new level as much as I usually loathe him, but this season it seems Alan Ball has accomplished what Charlaine Harris never did nor did she attempt to achieve in her books; he made Bill Compton likable. That sounds strange coming out of my mouth since I've never been a fan of his but for once I can honestly say he is interesting this season, yet he will never take Eric Northman's position in my heart away though.;) I'm not in favor of a Bill/Eric/Nora fling, but I am in favor of an Eric/Nora one.;)

Miss Vain: Was that Russell Edgington in the last scene? OH MY GOD, how disgusting did he look? It turned my stomach, what about yours? Since your such a huge Zombie lover it may not have turned yours as much as mine

Cat: Yes, that was definitely Mr. Edgington. Another mentally unstable character to add to the growing list of crazies. 

The first thing I said when I saw Russell's appearance was "Ha! He looks awesome". No lie, my husband was a witness =) I don't know what it says about me that I'm such a huge fan of guts and blood and all things gory. That seems to be a discussion for another time ;-)

Miss Vain: I knew you would revel in that gore and blood Cat!!! LMAO. Well since I was eating ribs and pizza with all that red barbecue sauce and red pizza sauce I immediately felt sick to my stomach. Yuck! Lol.

Cat: Thanks for chatting with me again, Vain. I'm glad we decided to do this and I love reading all of the comments from our fellow Truebies. And on a side note, the premiere of Falling Skies last night was excellent. Sunday nights are so much fun =)

Miss Vain: Thank you! It was my pleasure. I always love chatting with you, especially when it's about a subject matter so dear to our hearts. Good looking men, vampires, shifters, gore, and True Blood. What is Falling Skies?? Oh I hate missing out on new shows!! Sundays are tons of fun.:) Can't wait to hear what our fellow Truebies input is about this episode as well. :) 

Favorite Quotes:

Eric: "Long Live The King"

Newlin: "Jesus loves vampires"  

Lafayette: "Do something!"
Pam: "I am. I'm laughing." 

Jessica: "Jason is my friend. I don't sell my friends. Get the fuck out of my house."

Sam: "She just lost her son."
Luna: "She just ate her son!"

Jessica: "My dad's the king."

Eric: "A lady should be more careful."
Pam: "If I meet a lady, I'll let her know." 

Luna: "Fuck what you feel."

Eric: "She won't leave here a free man?"


Jennifer TheBookNympho said...

I think Eric loves Nora because she is his "sister" and last tie to Godrick. He really misses him.

Lafayette should have staked Tara.

I wonder if the kid vamp is a nod to the one in the book. The one that was Eric's "brother". Remember Godrick was not Eric's siren in the books.

As of right now I don't really see any kind of romance happening this season unless it's Jessica and Jason.

What is surprising to me is how Bill and Eric are really a team in this. Neither is willing to through the other "under the bus". Bill was evening trying to take the blame.
YES Bill in the show is much likeable than the douche bag in the books. I noticed that in the first season....Bill saves Sookie from the vamp at Fangatisa but in the book Eric does it. There was another time Bill does something in the show for Sookie but it was Eric that did it in the book (just can't remember what at the moment).

Love seeing Pam and Eric's meeting. Hope we get more of their history through the season.

YES that was Russell. LOVE HIM. I just hope he is just as crazy as he was the season before last. He is my favorite bad guy.

Sam and Luna. UGH

Love how Hoyt's mom said she would bake Jason a pie for breaking up her boy and the redhead. She has her baby boy back. LOL

I have a feeling that Hoyt will need to be killed by the end of the season. The clips for what's coming up this season shows him in Gothic wear. ECK.

Read Our Lips! Book Review Blog said...

My fave line was about Jason's butt - it's so hard you can chip a fang on it! LOL <3

Jamie said...

Eric in dirty jeans, for sure ;-) Although, Alcide in nothing would be even better!

Underworld Love Addiction said...

Loved the TB chat as usual :) This episode was a little slow for me too.

Bianca said...

Bills Bitch... hahaha love that picture.

Escapism Fanatic said...

I'm loving your talks. Gives me insight of what's I'm missing. Has it followed the fifth book at all?

Miss Vain's Paranormal Fantasy said...

No Samina, completely different!!! It sucks you can't get it right away.:(

Stopping by to say, it's been a fun chat as usual Cat!:)

Addicted2Heroines said...

Jennifer - Not only is he in gothic wear, but in one clip he's also being bitten by a dude. That may actually get interesting. And I agree, Maxine's parting words to Jason were hilarious.

And before I make this too lengthy, I'm just going to go ahead and tell you that I agree with the rest of what you said too ;-) I thought about Eric's brother in the series after I asked Vain about that kid. But I couldn't remember if he was an older teenager or what. I just remember he was insane. He would fit in nicely with everyone this season.

Read Our Lips - Yes, that was funny! And the way Steve squirmed was hilarious.

Jamie - I asked Google if Alcide will get naked this season. I couldn't find a yes, but I also didn't see a no ;-)

Becky - Thank you =) Fingers crossed that the next one is full of awesome. I can deal with a couple of slow ones as long as they make up for it later.

Bianca - I almost posted the Rolling Stone cover instead. Bill, Eric, and Sookie were on it naked and covered in blood. But someone photoshopped her out of it, so it looks like Bill has his leg wrapped around Eric's waist. It's great.

Samina - I only vaguely remember the fifth book. I hope I don't spoil anything for anyone by saying this, but isn't that the one where Alcide loses his father and Sookie's house burns down? And it's Quinn's first appearance too, I think. If I'm thinking of the right story, then there are no similarities yet.

Vain - Thank you! <3

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