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Caught Forever Between (Hoodoo #2.5) - Adrian Phoenix

Deep in the bayou, justice comes in many forms.

When Cass finds her partner lying on the floor of their New Orleans tattoo shop in a pool of blood, the world as she knows it ends. Alex, her ink-slinging Michelangelo, lies in the hospital comatose, perhaps permanently.

Lacking faith in the police and their ability to find whoever shot Alex, Cass puts the word out that she's seeking justice, justice she will willingly pay for.

When a Voodoo mambo offers the services of her mysterious godson, Cass finds herself stepping into a dark, deadly world, one that she may not walk out of again intact.

This is a short story set in the world of my Hoodoo novels, Black Dust Mambo and Black Heat Loa, and features Gabrielle LaRue and Devlin Daniels from those books. It is not necessary to read the novels in order to enjoy the story.

Review:  Caught Forever Between is an excellent short story that captures the magic of Adrian Phoenix' Louisiana Bayou.  This is a perfect story to go along with her Hoodoo series!

The story opens with Cass, a tattoo apprentice that can see into the heart of people she meets, seeking revenge for the brutal attack of her friend and tattoo expert Alex.  Cass is scared and horrified by what has happened and immediately thinks the culprit is her sister.  To seek justice, Cass calls upon mambo Gabrielle LaRue.  This part of the short story seems to mirror the constant warning in both of Phoenix' Hoodoo books, "An eye for an eye is never enough."

Her hands curled into fists.  "Maybe so.  But it'll even things out," she said, voice strained.  "Blood for blood."
"Nothing ever evens out spilled blood, child," Gabrielle said, weariness edging her voice.

Gabrielle, whom we know from previous Hoodoo books, asks Cass to come to the bayou and meet her Godson.  Cass meets the sexy and enigmatic Devlin Daniels at his home in the swamp.  We first learned of Devlin in Phoenix' previous Hoodoo book, Black Heart Loa.  Unfortunately for the reader, we didn't get much page time with Devlin.  This is the first place we actually get to spend time with this character, who is intriguing on so many levels.   We even learn Devlin's relationship with the rest of the Hoodoo world.  I'm glad to report that Adrian Phoenix has confirmed that we will see more of Devlin in her next Hoodoo book.

He appeared ....taller than Cass' five-two by eight or nine inches, his body lean, muscular, and broad-shouldered.  Tangled black hair fell just past his shoulders and swept over the left side of  his face, almost hiding the left eye.  He was bare-chested and barefoot, his black jeans torn and weathered almost grey.
Devlin agrees to help Cass seek justice for Alex's condition.  However, Cass soon learns she made a mistake.  Cass hurries to correct her mistake before time runs out.

I liked Cass in this short story, but there wasn't anything special about her.  She was a troubled heroine with a shady past, and we do learn some secrets about her.  Gabrielle is perfect in this book, almost like she walked right out of a conversation with Kallie Riviere (the main character in the Hoodoo series).  Devlin is the big draw for me to this short story.  He is mysterious, and I want to know so much more about him.  I can only imagine how he's going to fit into the future Hoodoo books.

The world Phoenix creates is second to none.  She excels in building her New Orleans, Louisiana bayou world full of mambos, magic and sexy loup-garou.  She nails the flavor of the swamp with her brand of cajun-French dialogue.  I cannot wait until Hoodoo #3 is released sometime within the next year.  This is a fantastic installment to an already great series.

Caught forever between, the loup-garou and her, trapped between skin and fur, sun and moon, justice and vision.  Maybe the walk along hell's road never truly ended.


Braine @ Talk Supe said...

A fellow blogger recommended this author too a while back and I've forgotten all about it til now. Thanks for the reminder :)

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Jamie said...

Hey, Braine! I really enjoy both of her series, although her Maker's Song series can get confusing. Thanks for stopping by :)

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