Sunday, April 22, 2012

Review: Succubi Are Forever (Succubus Diaries #4) - Jill Myles

Tasked by the Archangel Gabriel, Jackie Brighton must find two more lost archangel halos before she's free of her deal. But she's not the only one hunting for the immense power the halos bring, and everyone around her has motives - succubi, serim, and vampire. It's a race to the finish line, and only one person is going to come out on top. 

But will Jackie stand tall when even her allies are set to betray her? Noah Gideon is back, and he's never liked taking 'no' for an answer. The mysterious assassin Sophie is helping out, but Sophie has her own agenda. So does Jackie's newest rival, the ancient hetaera Phryne, who wants to use the halos to give a new world to succubi everywhere - one that doesn't involve their masters. 

Every immortal wants those halos, but Jackie's not sure they're worth her life, or Zane's freedom. 

But she might not have a choice...

Perfect ending to one of the sexiest series I've ever had the pleasure of reading.

This fourth, and final, installment in Myles' Succubus Diaries series manages to be the funniest, steamiest, and also the darkest.

Before each chapter begins, we are given hilarious quotes from Remy's memoirs. Since falling in love with Ethan and quitting her career in the porn industry, she has decided to extend her cash flow by writing about her life and experiences as a porn star.

"There are boundaries, of course. Every person has them. But be prepared for people to try and push past those boundaries. Not because they want you to grow as a person. Mostly because sticking your finger up your partner's ass looks great on camera."- If You Put the Tip In, It Counts As Sex, by Remy Summore

Jackie, along with her friends, searches for the two halos that will earn her one favor, granted by the Archangel Gabriel.

There are numerous obstacles thrown in her way, but with Remy, Ethan, and Zane by her side, along with that uncanny luck she sometimes possesses, there isn't much that is able to slow them down for long.

Zane.. *sigh* .. the hottest winged vampire ever created. Smoking hot, loyal, deadly, possessive, and ready to do anything for the woman he loves. Never has the simple act of smoking a cigarette and wearing a leather duster been so very, very sexy. And I love that Zane is so open with his thoughts, allowing Jackie to use her touch to glimpse into his mind without hesitation. He's so trusting and it's so incredibly sweet. 

My eyes began to focus in the low, greenish light, and I noticed the spread of Zane's black wings over the two of us. God, that was sexy. I always loved the sight of those feathers, the thick sweep of them. I reached up to touch one, run my fingers through the weave of feathers the way he liked, but my arm was sluggish to respond. Before I could raise my arm, Zane was there to press it back down again, then brushed his knuckles over the skin."Just relax. Let me love you."

His relationship with Jackie is as strong as ever, but complications occur that take the second half of this story in an unexpected, and down-right depressing, direction.

Every step of the way I found myself rooting for Jackie, cracking up at Remy, rolling my eyes at Ethan, and falling in love with Zane all over again. It was absolutely everything I wanted.

We're also introduced to a few new unsavory characters, a woman that Jackie finds herself becoming jealous of, and some characters we're already familiar with. Like Noah.

I was very pleased by the way that things worked out with his character. I've always adored him and was afraid that by the time the story ended I would either be loathing him or heartbroken over him. I was neither. Everything worked out perfectly.

It saddens me that this series has come to an end. And although Jackie's journey is over, I'm hoping that Myles will continue writing stories in this world sometime in the not-too-distant future

Fans of paranormal romance, humor, sex-crazed succubi, and kinky love triangles; you must read the Succubus Diaries!


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