Friday, April 20, 2012

Review: The Crossing (A Zombie Novella) by Joe McKinney

In THE CROSSING, Zombie Master Joe McKinney returns to the post-apocalyptic world he introduced in DEAD CITY and takes us behind the wall, where death comes easy, life is cheap, and survival may come at a steep cost... your humanity.

Another frightening zombie tale from the talented Joe McKinney.

The story begins in a tiny, rotting shack in the Zone where two women take shelter from the hungry, desperate grasp of the infected. 

Jessica has been living in the Zone, trapped inside ever since South Texas was placed under quarantine. Samantha is a reporter who has intentionally found her way into the Zone so that she can report on its conditions. 

It's exactly what you'd except. It's crawling with decaying, flesh-eating zombies and most remaining survivors are scared and starving. Many are forced to become ruthless and insensitive and are willing to do anything to stay alive. 

While traveling with Jessica, Samantha learns that she's planning on escaping the Zone and although Jessica doesn't believe it's possible, she agrees to go along. 

Their journey is short, but is also fast-paced and exciting.  

Any fan of zombie fiction and especially those of you who are Dead World fans, like myself, will want to read this novella. 

The fourth installment in the Dead World series, Mutated, will release September 1, 2012. 

"I tried to imagine all the others who had come this way before us, how every bit of garbage on the floor was a marker representing anxious days and nights waiting for the zombies to move on down the road. There was a faded blood stain on the wall above Jessica's head, spattered, as though from a gunshot, and as I stared at it, I felt overwhelmed by the emotional sediment of desperation and exhaustion that permeated the small space. I never really believed, even as a little girl, that a place could be haunted. But if ever a place had a right to be, it was that shack."


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