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Feature & Follow [9]

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Q:  What negative review made you buy the book?

A:  This is an easy one.  The book that I bought because of countless negative reviews is:

I had heard of this book, but really wasn't in a hurry to read it.  It wasn't until I read some very opinionated and low reviews that I really began taking notice of it.  Here are some examples of the low reviews that I read (omitting names because my point is not what an individual said about this book, but it is about why I became interested in this book due to the negative comments):

"This was a poorly written, utterly ridiculous, never ending mess as a fan fiction."

"Recommends it for: sadists and perverts"

"So this means that the reason why you love the book is mainly Christian Grey being hot and an uber alpha? Shallow much? Or maybe you’re into all the monkey sex and torture. Psycho much?"

"If you like reading about incredibly stupid women, females being treated like the family pet in a relationship and marriage (outside of the poorly executed initial BDSM relationship), and no character development do a Google search for "Master of the Universe" and you'll find a residual copy of the original floating around. "

When I see negative reviews that state why a book isn't receiving a high rating from  you, say you didn't like the writing style, or the characters were underdeveloped, that is okay and I go along my happy way. When I read reviews that take dislike to a personal level, then that is when I decide that there must be something really interesting in that book that is pissing so many people off.  

While in a reading funk one week, my awesome blogger friend Miss Vain suggested that I read Fifty Shades of Grey with her as a buddy read.  We loved it so much that we immediately read all three books in this series.  Here is a link to my Fifty review and to the pinkalicious Miss Vain's review.

 Which book did you read due to negative reviews?  Leave us a comment!  We'd love to hear your thoughts!  Happy Friday!


Goldilox said...

Love it! And I love that you and Vain quoted one of my most favoite reviews in the world, lol! *cough* *sarcasm*

Can't wait to read these!

Alissa said...

Oooh, I keep hearing things about this book! And bad things, too!

I wish I were as daring to buy a book from a bad review, or many bad reviews. But they always make me hesitant, especially from those whose opinions I trust.

Celine said...

I have seen this book around lately and read the negative reviews on GR. Nevertheless, I'm glad you love it!

Thank you for stopping by my FF. I'm a new follower too! :)

Jamie said...

@Christen - What can I say. It made me read the book, lol! Truly it did.

@Alissa - Unfortunately, I still read the book because number one, any kind of personal response like that BEGS for me to read it; Number two - I already knew that the reviews in questions were from folks that I don't often agree with. The scathing reviews were just a way to get the book bumped up on my TBR. If I hadn't read all the commotion, Fifty would still be sitting on my Kindle.

Shelley Romano said...

Hiya Jamie!

I have all three books somewhere on my kindle that I'll eventually have to get to. Thankfully, I didn't actually pay money for them!

Jamie said...

Thanks, Celine!

Jamie said...

@Shelley - that's always better when you don't spend the $$ if it's on a book you don't know if you'll like.

Kayla Graham said...

I have read a book because of a negative review also! I feel like I want to see for myself and judge if I like it or not, because I may miss out on something that I'd really love!

This is my first time doing Feature and Follow, I am now following you via GFC!

If you would like to see my post and check it out "Click Here"

Thanks for sharing!!!

Anonymous said...

My reasons for not reading the series were similar to yours. I actually hadn't read many reviews but just heard so many people talking about it. Then when I finally read Vain's review I figured WTH maybe I'll give it a try even though I wasn't into BDSM. I had no idea it would awaken a curiosity within me. Who knew I'd be into some kinky fakery. LOL! I finished the other 2 books within 48 hours and the series is definitely an all time fave now.

Amber I @ Awesomesauce said...

I read this series just because I kept hearing about all this crazy stuff. When I heard Dr. Drew said women who like this series but have been abused (something along those lines) well then I was convinced that I needed to read

Amie@Mom Reads My Books! said...

I completely agree! When a book review gets personal, there is just something about the book you want to check out! I recently read Fifty Shades and *OMG* I absolutely loved it! I am a new follower! Here is my FF: Mom Reads My Books

Miss Vain's Paranormal Fantasy said...

Preach it sister!!! AMEN!!! It's like all the negative reviews worked against all the Fifty haters!! <3

Book Slave said...

Hi there :) just hopping through... Hehehe I love this series and find the perverted and sadist comments hilarious :P

Here is my choice...

Feature & Follow

Valerie said...

This book is on my TBR pile and a few fellow bloggers have read all 3 already and loved them! I cant wait to start reading this series!


Ashley R said...

Great example of 50 Shades, I have it on mine too! That definitely seems to be the most recent "controversial" book (there's news coverage on it!). I haven't read it yet, but I'm glad to know it's on the positive side for you!

Happy friday :)
My FF | Giveaway

Jennifer Messerschmidt said...

"Recommends it for: sadists and perverts"


"So this means that the reason why you love the book is mainly Christian Grey being hot and an uber alpha? Shallow much? Or maybe you’re into all the monkey sex and torture. Psycho much?"


I loved this series! I read it before there were many reviews and while these are bit rude to say I'm psycho for liking the book I think they would have definitely made me check this out. Like you said I'm always dying to know what has people all angry and usually those books are the best because they are edgy and bring up subjects not everyone is comfortable with but those are always the best reads.
Old follower My FF

thebooktwins said...

I have heard some bad reviews on that book... especially since its meant to be based on fanfic, which doesn't give me the best vibe about it. I might end up reading it at some point.

New follower.
My Follow Friday

Patricia said...

Old Linkyfollower hopping through. :)

I agree, too personal reviews.. I dunno, not cool. Sometimes I can't help myself either, and am ranty, but there's a line that people really shouldn't cross, and your examples obviously offend people who enjoyed the book. It even offends me simply because I *might* enjoy it. oô

Patricia // My FF

Mel - Thedailyprophecy. said...

I always like to give books with a bad review a try. One of mine: Twilight (and I end up hating it. Still need to write a review about it, but I'm stuck at the third book..)

Tea said...

I usually give negatively reviewed books a go - sometimes it's purely because of the review, but more often than not it's because the synopsis appeals to me!

Happy Friday!
Tara @ Hey, Tara

Jamie said...

@Cimmaron and Awesomesauce - It was totally all the crazy stuff that made be read this! I don't generally read BDSM or non-paranormal books, but I had to give this a try. And for the record, a lot of negative reviews complained about the contract. I read an Aline Hunter (aka J.A. Saare) BDSM book that also had a contract involved. Looks like that's par for the course in these types of books.

@Vain - Amen, girl! ;-)

Jenny said...

New follower via GFC under the name "Jenny Reyes"

Here's my fff:


Livia @ Butterfly-o-Meter said...

Well I decided to read Fifty Shades of Grey for the bad reviews, though the blurb in itself had me all curious. But yeah, over the top negative reactions will make me uber-curious about the book :D

New follower. Have a fab weekend!
My #FF

Priscilla TheGreat said...

Awesome name for a blog. Yeah, I've read some pretty negative reviews of that book as well. But I probably won't read it. I have a thing against books that are wildly popular. Still haven't read Twilight or Harry Potter. Massive publicity annoys me.

Priscilla TheGreat said...

Awesome name for a blog. Yeah, I've read some pretty negative reviews of that book as well. But I probably won't read it. I have a thing against books that are wildly popular. Still haven't read Twilight or Harry Potter. Massive publicity annoys me.

Kristin said...

Yeah, I agree with you but I think that everyone has their own opinion and what I love you may hate.

new follower,

Tribute Books Mama said...

Just hopping by, have a great week-end.

Megan Monell said...

Love your post! I have considered reading this book JUST because so many people are talking about it and talking about it with so much emotion. I don't know that I ever will read it, but it's on my mind. Bad reviews like that can make us all wonder what the hype is!
New Follower.
Here's my FF:

Melliane said...

I don't think I've ever read a bad review about this one, it's funny, I've only read some really amazing. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Here is mine

Shortskie said...

New follower and I must say that i've heard so many bad reviews about 50 Shades of Grey. Have a wonderful weekend!

My Follow Friday

Lu said...

Hopping by to say have a great weekend!
Old Linky follower :)

The Muggle

@HarleyBearBooks said...

Wow some people can be cruel in their reviews. I see what you mean about it making you curious as to why they hate it so much. My F&F

Lilly @ (LillysBookIsland) said...

No I haven't but usually I read bad/good reviews for the same book and as long as I feel I like the book I read it no matter what people say about it because every one has different way of thinking and taste in books :)

Jamie said...

@ Lilly - I stopped by your blog and followed you back.

Thanks so much everyone, for all of your comments! We appreciate each and every one of them ;-)

sch_94 said...

New follower hopping through! Great post! I followed you through GCF and Linky Tools - you can return the favour over at :) Happy Friday!

Rachel Cotterill said...

Following via Feature & Follow - nice to meet you!

Tarah Dunn said...

I've been intrigued by this book too! Thanks for stopping by my FF. Have a great weekend!

Mariann at Belles Book Bag said...

Already a follower!! I would never buy a book BECAUSE of a bad review but I have read several books that had bad reviews and loved them!! For me it is based on the book and author! I haven't read Fifty series yet, but I know that Miss Vain loves that series!!
My FF:

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