Monday, March 19, 2012

Stacia & Stacey Giveaway Hop (Win a $50 Amazon Gift Card!)

Welcome to all of our fellow, and soon-to-be, Downside and Annabelle Lee groupies! 

We are all very excited about the release of two highly anticipated novels...


And to celebrate, we at Addicted2Heroines, Christen @ Goldilox and the Three Weres, Miss Vain's Paranormal Fantasy, along with our amazing friends, are providing some kick ass giveaways for you. So let's get to it.

There are four opportunities to win. 

The first prize is 
Paperback copies of books 1 and 2 in Stacey Jay's Annabelle Lee series with a matching custom book thong from Dalla Luna(US Giveaway)

The second prize 
The first book in Stacey Jay's YA series
(US Giveaway)

The third prize  
Stacia Kane's Sacrificial Magic, Downside Ghosts Book 4
(International Giveaway in paperback or e-book format)

And last, but certainly not least, the fourth giveaway is a $50 Amazon Gift Card (US/CA). Fill out the second Rafflecopter for a chance to win.

Before you enter, we have a little something special for you - 
Stacia and Stacey discuss our favorite characters, Chess and Annabelle. 

Stacia: If you click on the "Chats" line in your gmail menu, it'll bring up old chats, and you can open them and see how the formatting goes.
Stacey: How about we chat and then you copy and paste for me? *bats eyelashes* *is delicate and needs to be coddled today*
Stacia: Lol, no problem, I can do that.
Stacey: My hero
Stacia: Let me go pee first, since I totally should have done that before.
And yes, I am.
Stacey: This is going in the interview. That you pee a lot
Stacia: Hahahahahah!
Stacey: I pee a lot too. This could get ugly. Go. Pee. I'll sit here and drink coffee so I can pee later.
*drinks coffee*
*drinks coffee*

Stacia: Yay! I just peed, and later you'll pee! There's that psychic connection again.
 OMG we are both women who sometimes pee.
*We-have-trouble-staying-on-task chitchat eliminated*
Stacey: And now I'm going to ask you a question. Ready?
Stacia: Okay!
Stacey: So, people say that Chess and Annabelle have a lot in common, that they, too, are women who both pee and are in other ways soul sisters. Would you agree? I have my thoughts. Of course. But interested in your take.
Stacia: Lol. I think they have a lot in common, yeah, totally. I mean, aside from the obvious. Because to me it's not what they do--as far as having a dependency or habit or whatever--that makes them similar so much as the fact that they're both, maybe, representative of types of women who don't always get represented?
Stacey: Yes. I get that.
Stacia: I mean, it seems sometimes women, especially in genre fiction, are really given narrow parameters and there's only a very narrow field of "acceptable" qualities/behavior. And I think Chess and Annabelle both step out of that field to some degree. I think that's why the readers who've connected with them have connected SO STRONGLY, so much more--from what I've seen--than with other characters they love and care about. Because Chess and Annabelle reflect another side of women that isn't often found in books…a side that many women identify with but can't find. So they really connect with that, because finally here's a character like them, even if they don't have the kinds of issues Chess and Annabelle have.
Stacey: The part that isn't always perfect. Or strong.
Stacia: Yes. They're not perfect. And I don't think reading them makes the reader wonder what's wrong with them that they don't agree with what the heroine is doing or don't understand why they're getting upset or whatever. If you know what I mean. Instead of reading about an unrealistically perfect woman they can never hope to be, they see that actually, who they are is okay and there are still people who will like/love/care about them even though they aren't perfect.
Stacey: Exactly. We all have moments of weakness. What's interesting to me is seeing a character who is in a hard place trying to sort things out for herself, to make her own way. If the character starts out as a super hero, where does she really have to go from there?
Stacia: YES.
Stacey: And I think there is HUGE pressure for women to present this perfect, modern, feminine image.
Stacia: YES.
Stacey: We must be strong and tough and take no prisoners and look great in a mini skirt while we do it. I didn't want to write that woman. I wanted to write a woman who wasn't interested in being that woman.
Stacia: And we must also love kids and want babies and be great with animals and heal the sick and all of that, too.
Stacey: And work in a soup kitchen.
Stacia: And YES, again. As a writer a character like that just isn't that interesting. Someone who's just so cute and adorable and nice just...other people can write them, and that's great and they can be really fun/interesting to read, but to me as a writer they're just not challenging. I'm not really interested in getting in their heads.

We will be posting this discussion in its entirety later on next week, so be sure to check back with us. Thanks for stopping by! Please visit the other blogs participating in the hop!

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juliababyjen said...

I'm excited to read these books! I just received Romeo Redeemed from Netgalley, and can't wait to read! Had to get Juliet Immortal, too!

Miss Vain's Paranormal Fantasy said...

I love Cat & Jamie soooooo much, and would love them even more if they rigged the giveaway so I can win!!!;) Oh do I delete this?? This should be in a PM....:(

I love Stacia & Stacia and their books so much!!!;)))

Denise Z said...

I will admit, because I am sure you will not tell anyone, I have been lusting after Stacy Kay's Annabell Lee series and Stacia Kane's Sacrificial Magic. I have am cover gal and they all nabbed me at first site, then the synopses drew me in, and the interview has rocketed me over the mooooon! I neeeedsss these books :)

miki said...

I really hope to discover the annabell Lee serie by stacy kay because i've heard a lot of good things about about it so thanks you so much for this hop and the opportunity it offers us
now i have at least one opportunity to sacrifial magic from Satcia Kane that's better than nothing ^^

Sharon said...

lol, what a great idea to have a little hop to promote Stacia Kane's and Stacy Jay's books (see how I mentioned them both!?) I love A2H because of all the cool graphic novel stuff! I find all sorts of cool things here :)

mcv said...

Would love to win one of these prizes. The books are on my TBR list.
mcv111 at hotmail(dot)com

Wendy Lohr said...

I haven't read anything from Stacey Jay (yet) but her books are on my TBR list. I just finished Stacia Kane's Personal Demons and LURVED it!! And guys have a seriously rockin' website! ;)

Thanks for the awesome giveway!

Fry said...

I love love love the Downside series, but I've never picked up anything by Stacey Jay.

BTW, your giant scrolling J. Scott Campbell pictures just give me giant boobs or hips every time I stop scrolling. I don't know how I feel about this!

Good luck, everyone! Thanks for this giveaway! :3

Nicola (pocketfullofbooks) said...

I haven't read their books yet but I'm getting to it! Both Unholy Ghosts and Juliet Immortal are on their way to me at the moment. :)

Thanks for the giveaway!

LilyElement said...

You guys make me add too many books to be TBR pile haha. Stacey Jay's Annabelle Lee series looks right up my alley. Thanks for having such a great giveaway.

Emily said...

Addicted2Heroines is an awesome site ;) I have devoured Stacia Kane's Downside series and am waiting for the fourth and fifth books to come out! I have not read Stacey Jay but am putting her on my to read shelf on both and Amazon :)

mimirose41209 said...

I am so looking forward to reading books by Stacey and Stacia ... they are definately at the top of my TBR list!

Thanks for participating in the hop!

mimirose41209 at hotmail dot com

Under the Covers said...

Looking forward to read Jay's upcoming latest. I didn't get a chance to read that one yet!


Lauren Mackesy said...

I've been seeing Blood on the Bayou and Sacrificial Magic everywhere. Which means they must be good if everyone is giving them good grades! Would love to read them all!
Lmackesy at gmail dot com

sienny said...

i always love an international giveaway, it broaden my book knowledge, and collection if i won :D

PuttPutt1198Eve said...

Dead on the Delta sounds like a great start to the series. Since I haven't read any of these books yet, this would be the place to start. Sounds like Stacy Jay writes very enjoyable books that keep the reader interested. Thanks to addicted2heroines for this giveaway. I would also like the $50 gift card because then I could get exactly what I want, even for my grandaughter. Stacy Jay's books would not be appropriate!

Linda Henderson said...

I haven't read anything by these authors, but since I hear everyone talking about the books they must be amazing. I would love to read them. I also will say, I am Addicted2Heroines, I'm not a fan of the too stupid to live heroines, give me the kick butt ones any day.

Melliane said...

thanks for the interview and the giveaway! I really enjoyed dead on the delta and I can't wait to receive my blood on the bayou. I have the second of Stacia kane but haven't read it yet. I hope soon!

Nikki said...

I have enjoyed you blog posts for as long as I have subscribed. Not only do you have wonderful contests, but you also have extremely entertaining and sometimes just out-right funny posts! And I love you blog title. Who isn't addicted to them?

Laura said...

I have been madly in love with Stacia Kane's Downside books since I first discovered them in a short story collection! :-)

Little Sprites said...

I haven't read anything by either of them, but I would love to check out their books. I am always excited to find a new book or author that I haven't heard of...thank you!

Nay Nay said...

Blog Hopping! Woohoo!

I love blog hopping! What a great way to discover new authors/blogs and visit with old friends.

These are new books for me and I am putting them on my tbr list.

Thanks for being part of the hop and for the chance to win such a fantastic prize! <^_^>

Sophia Rose said...

Okay now that I'm done laughing about women who pee a lot.

I must now confess that I have not read either series. *hangs head in shame*

I think they sound s'wonderful and I have them on my wish list. Flawed woman heroes battling evil are great in my book.

Thanks for the giveaway opportunity.

Underworld Love Addiction said...

You rock! Great giveaway :) Maybe we can suck some more people into Stacia Kane's amazing Downside Ghosts series. I'm not sharing Terrible though :(

GzNKz4evr said...

I haven't read any of their books yet, but I have heard of them and have had a couple on my TBR list for a while. And the cover for Sacrificial Magic is terrific! Thanks so much for the giveaway!

Anonymous said...

I love both Annabelle and Chess so much. So effed up but kick ass all the same. Don't forget Terrible. My numero uno.

Thanks for co-hosting the giveaway!

~ Emmy the Fiction Vixen

Mel B said...

I must admit...I haven't read any of the books yet, they are still on my TBR list waiting for their turn. That being said...I have effectively stalked Addicted2Heroines for a while and attempt to keep up with everything. I love the interviews, reviews, contests, everything! I look forward to my emails!!

oh yeah...I love the tattoo on Sacrificial Magic. It really grabbed my attention. Beautiful!

Thank you,

Niko said...

I just found the blog (via Goldilox and the Three Weres and the giveaway hop), but it looks like a place I could hang out :) I'm a hue fan of UF and strong female characters.

Krista said...

I haven't managed to get my hands on either of these series, but they get amazing reviews on all of the blogs that I follow.
I love your blog because we have the exact same taste in books :D

BookAttict said...

I've had both Stacia Kane and Stacey Jay on my TBR "Most Wanted" list for way too long! I read mostly UF and Fantasy and these books sound like something I'd LOVE!

Thanks for the amazing giveaway!
elizabeth @ bookattict . com

Patricia said...

I love the Downside Ghost series. Stacey is a new to me author

Dovile said...

I'm new to Stacey and Stacia's books. I've read a review of Unholy ghosts a while ago, but so far I haven't read the series.

Mari Stroud said...

I'm very excited about these books! Complicated heroines--yes, please!

Barbara said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
mcv said...

Can't wait to read these books! Thanks for the giveaway.

Barbara said...

I'm new to the Stacia Kane and Stacey Jay series. Thx Addicted2Heroines for the AWESOME giveaway opportunity! :)

barbbattaglia @

Mollie W said...

I loved Stacey Jay's Dead on the Delta, I cannot wait to read the second one!

I love Addicted2Heriones for all of there great reviews & giveaways!!!


Braine @ Talk Supe said...

So I'm playing catch up with Stacia Kane's Downside Ghosts series and I heard I will NOT be disappointed with it. So I'd like me some Stacey Jane, I love redheads and Annabelle Lee is fiery so I'd love me some of that! Thanks for the giveaway girls!

Danielle West said...

I just finished Unholy Ghosts and wow. A great start to an awesome UF series. Would love to start Stacey Jay's series too! Thank you for the giveaway- you guys rock! :)

avry15 said...

Thanks for the giveaway,..I heard so much of Sacrificial Magic..-really want to read it..:)

Crystal said...

I haven't started reading any books by Stacia Kane, but I've heard plenty about it. Can't wait to start reading

Silverlight said...

Thanks for the giveaway!!

Love Addicted2Heroines -cause what's not to love about liking heroines! Girls Kick A** ;)

Ronda (Queentutts World of Escapism) said...

Wow, I haven't read any of Stacia Kanes or Stacey Jays work but they look like fun and hot reads. This hop is so much fun. Thanks for the giveaway.

Yodamom said...

I have read all of Stacia Kanes books up to Sacrifical Magic and LOVE them. Team Terrible !
I have had Dead on the Delta on my TBR list and could not find it at my local book store. I would love to win it.
I adore the real women characters with deep problems and realistic ways of dealing with them.

bn100 said...

You have a great blog! Stacia Kane and Stacey Jay's books sound very good.

donnas said...

Awesome giveaway. Thanks for the chance!!

Shanon (Escaping With Fiction) said...

This is such a fantastic giveaway, thanks for the chance to enter! I just happened upon your blog, and I must say that I like what I see so far (especially since I just started getting into the Adult PNR genre. So it'll be nice to read your reviews & add new titles to my wishlist). =D

Sadly I have not read any books by these two awesome authors yet, but I have heard nothing but great things about them! I am definitely putting Stacey's Annabelle Lee series and Stacia's Downside Ghost series on my wishlist! =)

Melissa (My words and pages) said...

LOL! Stacia and Stacey are to funny! LOL! Loved that.

Thank you too, for the awesome giveaway! I need to get the next Stacia book, and all of Stacey's! :D

Thank you!

Greytfriend said...

So fun seeing these authors together on their release day! I'm a big fan of both. I was lucky enough to get an eARC of Sacrificial Magic and it's fantastic, if you guys don't win you should absolutely buy it, it's one of the few books I've given 5 stars to. Getting a chance to own the real book or any of Stacey's books would be such a treat. (The ARC disappears after 55 days and I have to get most of my books from the library these days.) I just love these real women who aren't superheroes, who are just trying to be brave and strong under extraordinary circumstances. Thanks for the opportunity, ATH.

Caitlin said...

I loved Jay's You are so Undead to Me and would love to try her adult series, it sounds great!

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