Thursday, February 2, 2012

Review: Shady Lady (Corine Solomon #3) by Ann Aguirre

Release Date: April 5, 2011
Published by: Roc
Source: Purchased via Amazon
Author Links: Website | Twitter | Goodreads

Whenever Corine Solomon touches an object, she immediately knows its history. But the future concerns her more when former ally Kel Ferguson walks through her door with a warning for her: the Montoya cartel is coming for her-but they don't just pack guns. They use warlocks, shamans and voodoo priests. And Corine has become enemy number one...


Amazing! I'm still trying to figure out how Aguirre crammed so many different events into only 311 pages. It was emotional and action-packed and I loved it!

Fans of Jesse and/or Chance will be surprised at the change of direction in Corine's love life and then surprised once again by the story's ending. Corine never knows what she wants! But I find her indecisiveness entertaining. 

The main focus of the story is Corine's fight for survival against drug lord, Montoya. She is forced to test her personal limits - physically, magically and emotionally. Corine strengthens her talents and forms new alliances while solving problems and creating new ones.

Shady Lady is easily my favorite of the series and after the shocking conclusion, I'm dying to get my hands on the fourth installment, Devil's Punch.

I recommend this series to any fan of urban fantasy and especially fans of Ann Aguirre. I have yet to read anything by her that I haven't enjoyed. 


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