Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Review : Romeo and Juliet: The War

This is the story of... 

Two groups of superhuman soldiers who turn the Empire of Verona into the most powerful territory on earth. The MONTAGUES, powerful cyborgs made of artificial DNA, and the CAPULETS, genetically enhanced humans known for their speed and agility, work in tandem to destroy all threats to the city. With no one left to fight, the Montagues and Capulets find themselves a new enemy: each other.

This is the story of... 

A young Montague boy and Capulet girl who fall in love. They secretly plan to marry, hoping their union can be what brings peace between the warring factions. But forces beyond their control begin to conspire against them, threatening their love, their lives... and the entire Empire of Verona.

This is the story of...

 A tragedy that spans all of space and time.

A fantastic re-telling of a tragic, legendary love story with a futuristic twist.

Battles between Montague cyborgs and genetically-enhanced Capulets, along with the developing romance between two young star-crossed lovers, makes this an exciting, page-turning read despite knowing the outcome in advance. 

And now that it's over, I can enjoy the beautiful visual display it provides while sitting on my top shelf. 

The artwork is stunning and even more enjoyable in its large coffee-table size as opposed to the smaller, standard graphic novel form.

Romeo & Juliet: The War will appeal to all fans of science fiction, fantasy, action, and romance; whether you read graphic novels or not. 


Braine @ Talk Supe said...

Final Fantasy Shakespeare style!

Lisa said...

OMG thanks for teh heads up on this. I didn't know this exist. Loving it!

P/S New Follower @ When She Reads

Addicted2Heroines said...

@ Braine - Exactly ;)

@ Lisa - You're very welcome =)

aparajita said...

wow so need to check this out.


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