Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Review : Lord of the Fading Lands (Tairen Soul) by C.L. Wilson

Wilson is a truly talented author who has created a historical fantasy setting that is vividly detailed and emotionally engaging with characters that stay with you long after the story's conclusion.

Rain Tairen Soul, savage king of the Fey, sweeps in to Celieria to claim young Ellysetta Baristani, a simple wood carver's daughter, as his truemate and Queen.

When simply summarized, this story may sound a lot like your classic fairy tale. But the journey that these fated lovers take to secure their love and the safety of their people proves to be much more complex and intriguing than any mundane romance or fairy tale.

The plot is intricately layered and contains frequent shifting between various characters' points of view. No words are wasted and as the story unfolds you are further able to understand each characters' significance and how their fates slowly tie together.    

As good vs evil, deceit masks the truth, and each Fey's tairen venom blade serves to protect a fey Queen who has yet to believe in her own magic, you can't help but to become enchanted with the world that Wilson has created and the characters that reside there.

This is my second time reading "The Lord of the Fading Lands" so I can say with certainty that the series is well worth continuing.

I don't know how Wilson does it. I'm just glad she did.

"He looked at his shei'tani. Her lips were almost bloodless with fear, and the sight stabbed at his Fey heart. He was a monster. And this poor child had just been offered up as a sacrifice."

Book 2 of the Tairen Soul series


Grace Fonseca said...

I've never read this series. OMG. Your blog is fantasic. I love all the comic book drawings on your side bar. Just a lovely review of a book series that I must read at some point. Come visit me as well.

Livre De Amour-Books of Love Blog

Julie said...

I have had this book in my book closet FOR EVER! Apparently, I really must read it.

Addicted2Heroines said...

@ Grace =) Thank you!

@ Julie - Yes, you must ;) Would love to know what you think when you do.

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