Sunday, October 30, 2011

Review: Darkness Rising (Dark Angels, Book 2) by Keri Arthur

The sexy, thrilling adventures continue in bestselling author Keri Arthur’s new Dark Angels series, starring half-werewolf/half-Aedh Risa Jones.

Risa will go to any lengths to avenge her mother’s murder—even if it means making a pact with the most evil vampire she’s ever met. Lethal and powerful, Madeline Hunter is leader of the vampire council, and will put her resources behind finding the killer—for a price. The venerable vampire requires the assistance of Risa’s psychic powers. Quid pro quo.

Someone—or something—is targeting the elders of the local council, cursing the immortal vampires to rapidly age, sink into madness, and die. Risa must track down the vengeful being responsible. But Risa’s father, a rogue Aedh priest, also enlists her in a dangerous mission. And not even the great Madeline Hunter may be able to protect her from the shadowy forces that desire nothing less than Risa’s destruction.

An outstanding sequel to Darkness Unbound!

Risa is still searching for the keys to the gates and Director Hunter throws in an additional task involving the vampire council that makes matters more dangerous and interesting.

The overall storyline has a somewhat similar feel to its predecessor and few new characters are introduced. Even so, the story manages to be more engaging than the last and I was able to easily devour it within less than two days.

What I enjoyed most were the new developments that occured within Risa's relationships.

Subtle advancements between her relationship with Azriel begin to manifest. The longer Azriel remains in his "flesh form", the more human emotions he is able to experience. Apparently, one of those emotions is jealousy. Azriel is opposed to the involvement of Risa's Aedh lover and it becomes obvious that it isn't only an issue of trust, but also a desire to have him out of her life and bed.

Even with all of the hints and signs presented to her, Risa is still having a difficult time understanding the differences in Azriel's behavior and the emotions that he causes her to feel as well.

Then there is her relationship with Lucian. He's the sexy, no-strings-attached Aedh who delivers hours of orgasm-filled sexscapades. His  involvement in Risa's life becomes a bit more interesting when he invites himself into Risa's predicament with the keys, leaving her feeling suspicious and somewhat used.

I'll admit that it bothered me that Risa continued to ignore those feelings of suspicion that she was receiving from Lucian's actions and behavior. She blames this on Azriel since they have become more sensitive to one another and are able to detect each other's emotions. Still, exercising a little more caution would have seemed more sensible. 

Few new developments are made regarding the location of the keys and Risa's father, leaving that storyline open for future installments. I'm not sure how long Arthur can drag this out before reaching some sort of resolution, but so far it's proving to be very entertaining.

Darkness Devours (Dark Angels #3) is scheduled for release July 2012.


Kristina said...

I need to read the Risa series, but I still haven't even finished the last book for the Riley series. I loved Destiny Kills and need to read bk 2 in that series as well. Love Keri Author.

Addicted2Heroines said...

I've had Destiny Kills on my bookshelf for more than a year. It's so easy to forget about books when the reading piles get so large. I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed it. Maybe I can get to it soon.

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