Monday, October 17, 2011

Review: Blue Diablo (Corine Solomon #1) by Ann Aguirre

Release Date: April 7, 2009
Published by: Roc
Source: Purchased via Book Depository
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Corine Solomon is a handler. When she touches an object she instantly knows its history and its future. Using her ability, she can find the missing, which is why people never stop trying to find her. Like her ex-boyfriend Chance, who needs Corine's gift to find someone dear to them both. But the search proves dangerous as it leads them into a strange world of demons and sorcerers, ghosts and witchcraft, zombies, and black magic...


"Christ. What do you want from me?"

"Only what I always wanted. Everything."

Unresolved love triangle! How could I not read the next story? Especially when Chance and Saldana both are in the next book.

This was a great start to the series. Not perfect, but it was a quick, fun read that I would recommend to anyone who loves urban fantasy.

I really enjoyed the unique world of magic that Aguirre has created and the lively characters that reside there - witches, wizards, warlocks, demons, zombies and the Gifted.

Corine is a handler. She can touch any object that holds a charge and tell where it's been, the previous owner's emotions when last holding the object, and occassionally the object's future.

Then there is Chance, the ex that Corine fled from in the middle of the night without warning.

Chance has a special talent of his own. He's luck.

"He spins the coin a hundred times and comes up tails every time."

Unfortunately, his talent comes with complications. Not for Chance, but for those close to him.

With Chance acting as a bad luck repellent, it finds purchase elsewhere and a lot of that bad luck has been directed at Corine.

As the story begins, Chance tracks her down to ask for her help in locating his mother, Min.

They work together in following the clues that Min has left behind so that they can discover who her captors are and where they have taken her. They also recruit several friends along the way, many with talents or backgrounds that prove highly beneficial toward helping them acheive their goal.

There is Saldana, a sexy cop who is also an empath. Chuch and his unlicensed private investigator wife, Eva. And an online friend named Booke who helps them out from a distance.

Corine divides her time between solving Min's disappearance, fighting her feelings for Chance and exploring her attraction toward the sexy cop, Saldana, who has agreed to become her gifted mentor.

The "will they or won't they" between Corine and Chance was laid on a little too thick at times, taking up a large majority of the story. I enjoyed the tension between the two and Chance's jealousy, but some of that time being devoted to learning more about the underground world of the gifted would have been nice too.

Overall, this was a highly entertaining read. It left me wanting more Corine, more Chance, and more Jesse Saldana.

"People never offer an open hand, and if they do, you should step back to avoid the slap."

Corine Solomon Series # 2-4


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