Thursday, September 29, 2011

Review: Ms. Marvel Vol. 6 Ascension

In the days following the Secret Invasion, there is a death in the family. Brian Reed (Secret Invasion: Spider-Man) and Marcos Marz (Batman) begin the tale of Ms. Marvel's new life post-Secret Invasion. Then, it's Marvel Pirate Mania as the Storyteller returns! Gavin is a young man with the ability to reshape the world in his image, but when he crosses paths with Ms. Marvel once more, dark secrets are revealed, and Gavin's life takes a dark turn. Plus: it's a Brand New Day as Ms. Marvel and the Amazing Spider-Man cross paths. Can they settle their own differences and save Manhattan from menacing mechanized malcontents? Collects Ms. Marvel #31-34, Ms. Marvel Special: Storyteller, and Ms. Marvel Annual #1.
Marvel | July 1, 2009 | Brian Reed (author) | Marcos Marz (illustrator)

"..I hereby place you under arrest for practicing as an unlicensed superhero." 

"Practicing"? Am I so bad at what I do that you people think I'm practicing?!" 

This would be a very difficult book to write a full review for. Not impossible, but definitely time-consuming and I can almost guarantee that anyone outside of the Marvel Universe still would only have a vague idea of what was going on by the time I was finished.

I can't describe Carol's visit to her dying father without exploring her memory loss and Rogue's involvement. Or her visit to Gavin without detailing A.I.M. and Wanda Maximoff. Or why she spends her time attempting to arrest unregistered superheroes. Or why Norman Osborn is so important.

Instead I will just say that visiting Carol Danver's life before she became a superhero was interesting, the back-and-forth with Spider-man was entertaining, and I was very pleased with the artwork. I really enjoyed the way Ms. Marvel was depicted in the first story, Scavengers. Robinson makes her look younger, more fun and sexy, different from the Ms. Marvel that I'm familiar with. But my favorite artwork was with the last story, Secret Agent Danvers. Carol looks more mature, even sexier, and more bad-ass.

This is my second time reading this addition to my Ms. Marvel collection. While it's not one of my favorites, it still has an interesting storyline and is an essential read for any Ms. Marvel fan. 


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