Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Review: The Magdalena Volume 1

The Star of the Forthcoming Feature Film Gets Her Own Series! The Magdalena has been the official protector and warrior of the Catholic Church for over two thousand years, sworn to defend the Faith with the Spear of Destiny against all manner of supernatural threats. However, Patience, the latest Magdalena, has seen through the hypocrisy of her masters and struck out on her own. When her old mentor comes to her with a mission to prevent Armageddon, will she be able to resist the call?
From writer Ron Marz (Witchblade, Angelus) and the art team of Pilot Season: Murderer, Nelson Blake II, Sal Regla, and Dave McCaig. Featuring covers by Ryan Sook (Wednesday Comics)!

Outstanding! Action, conspiracy, a strong female lead and a creepy, homicidal adolescent. The Magdalena far exceeded my expectations.

Since I had no previous knowledge of this series, I performed a quick search to see what I was missing (is there anything Wikipedia doesn't know?). Even without the information prior to starting this novel, I wouldn't have had any difficulty following the story.

Who is the Magdalena? She is a warrior descended from a royal bloodline of extreme power. Raised and trained by the Roman Catholic Church, her purpose is to serve and protect them from all forms of evil. 

When prayer is not enough, the Magdalena and her Spear of Destiny (the spear that pierced the side of Christ) gets the job done. 

The latest Magdalena is Patience. Unlike her predecessors, Patience has separated herself from the Church and continues to fight evil without their guidance. 

 I'm not completely clear on the details of her falling out with the Church. Her distrust of Cardinal Innocent is apparent and she makes a reference to the Church using the Magdalena's as sacrifices, but that's the extent of my knowledge concerning her abandonment of the Catholic Church.

The story focuses on Patience and Kristof as they work together to investigate rumors concerning the appearance of a boy who is believed to be the son of Satan. 

Kristof must first convince Cardinal Innocent that Patience is a valuable asset, one of the strongest Magdalena's that has existed, and that she can be made to see reason and assist the Church when necessary. 

Without her yielding to their authority, they prefer to confiscate her spear and have her permanently replaced. There can only be one Magdalena.

She turned her back on the Church. On the blood of Christ that runs through her veins.

What use is a servant who will not serve, no matter how great her abilities?

Patience must return to the Church to confront Cardinal Innocent, investigate the rumors stemming from the "Lucifer's Children" cult, and make the difficult decision to murder a young boy who is believed to be the Anti-Christ. 

The story line, dialogue and gorgeous artwork made this an all around impressive and engaging read. 

Now I have to get my hands on The Magdalena Origins Volumes 1 and 2.



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