Thursday, September 1, 2011

Review: Aftermath (Sirantha Jax #5) by Ann Aguirre

Release Date: August 30, 2011
Published by: Ace 
Source: Purchased via Amazon
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During the war against murderous, flesh-eating aliens, grimspace "jumper" Sirantha Jax decided to go it alone. The cost of her actions: the destruction of modern interstellar travel-and the lives of six hundred Conglomerate soldiers. Now she's on trial for dereliction of duty, desertion, mass murder, high treason...and her life.


"This is a wound too grave for weeping, 
a silence of the soul burned black as a night without stars."

Lives are lost, love is sacrificed, and grimspace is changed forever.

Aguirre shows no mercy with this fifth installment, picking up immediately where "Killbox" left off, leaving me no room to catch my breath until the very end.

Jax must face the consequences of altering the beacons in grimspace. Despite saving billions of lives by preventing the full force of the Morgut fleet to reign down on their worlds, she is viewed simply as a trouble maker with a long history of defying authority. Jax must sit idly by as she is stripped of her dignity. Her life, her reputation, her emotions are placed on public display and harshly judged by complete strangers.

During the trial, March sends word that he is traveling to Nicu Tertius in search of his orphaned nephew.

I was surprised that Jax and March's time together was so limited. We are given glimpses into March's past and they share sweet moments of expressing their feelings for each other, but these are presented in handwritten messages and voice messages that are bounced between worlds.

Jax's trial and verdict reach a conclusion fairly quickly. When she reunites with her team (minus March) she decides to settle some unfinished business and follow through on promises made during her previous adventures.

I won't go into details because I don't want to give away too much information. But Jax's goals involve Doc's research, Baby-Z, Loras, and the altered beacons in grimspace.

At one point in the story, Vel and Jax travel to Marakeq. What occurs shortly after is a wild sequence of events that result in some rather dramatic changes. Again, I don't want to go too in depth. It's a situation that I think is better experienced without any prior knowledge of what will occur. Let's just say that some loves are strengthened, others weakened and lives are altered forever. In the end, some very painful decisions have to be made as a result of their journey together.

By the stories conclusion, Jax still has an agreement to fulfill and there is one other very meaningful situation that needs a solid resolution. (Cryptic, much?)

This series has been an emotional, unforgettable roller coaster ride that I can't seem to get enough of. I've never been so disappointed to know that a series is coming to its conclusion, so I'm choosing to stay in denial since I have a year to do so.

I've said it once and I'll gladly say it again. You rock Ann Aguirre! Thank you for giving us Jax and the terrifying wonders of grimspace.

"I live in hope that there will come a time when you'll need no more wandering, and you'll come home to me."

"Home. What does that even mean for someone like me? I have wanderlust in equal measure to grimspace cations in my veins."

Sirantha Jax Series #1-4


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